Dissassembled Tears Print by Camille d'Errico

This eye-gorgingly mecha-beauteous image by Camilla d'Errico is titled "Disassembled Tears", and was originally created as a cover image for Dark Horse, for their third collected book of "Dark Horse Myspace Presents" in 2009 (info via).

Dissassembled Tears is also currently been released as a print and available for US$25 per, only for the entire month of March ~ via Camilla's online store. I will tell y'all right now, if I had the dosh, THIS would be a print I would buy. *Go get yours now, go*

PRODUCT-DESCRIPTION: The image was created in pencils and Photoshop by Camilla. It is the ultimate organic-mecha meshing with some of the best ambient coloring she's done yet. Digitally printed on the highest quality, heavy satin card stock. 12" x 18".


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